Catchall email is like primary email of all email inside the box. If you have a lot of email like “” and “” ,  the all of those email will be sent up to “”. All those email will be confirm in 1 mail box that was

You can look at this image:

Catchall Mapping


How to Use Catchall Email for GSA SER

This is the best integration from GSA SER to make your submission getting powerfull.  I will teach you the easy way to input catchall email for GSA.

  1. After ordering Our service, We will give you a list of catchall email, My sugestion is, you can split the list of catchall email that We already delivered to you into one by one notepad list.

how to use Catchall 0


2.  Open your GSA SER project and go to “e-mail verification” and dont forget to “add

how to use Catchall 1


3.  then, choose “import from file“:

how to use Catchall 2


4. Then, Choose the file that we already set up:

how to use Catchall 3


5.  And set how many email that you want to use:

how to use Catchall 4


6. When delete pop up confirmation is show up, Just click “NO”,  if You click “YES” then your email on the list will be deleted by GSA. and you have to set it up again.

how to use Catchall 5


7. The email will appears look like this below picture,  Dont forget the check list the part of number 1 like what we  tell you, and then click “OK”

how to use Catchall 6